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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fidgets I've Made

I decided to go ahead and share the 2 fidgets I made for M...though one of them gets used by almost everyone in the house because it FEELS SO GOOD!!! :D The other one I just finished today.

The first one I made was actually a sample square for the weighted blanket I'm making him. This is the one that everyone loves. It's made from stainless steel rings in European 4 in 1 chain maille pattern. The rings are mostly 18g 3/16", but there are some 20g 3/16" at either edge to cut down a little on weight. It's about 4" x 2.75" not spread out. Spread out, at the widest, it's about 4" x 3.5". The weight on it is 2.2oz. What's so nice about it is that it drapes over the hand, between the fingers, wherever and feels almost liquid. It also has a beautiful jingling sound, if you like that sort of thing. One cool thing about this one is that if you grab it between your thumb and a finger, you can turn the individual rings around.

Here are some pictures of it:

The second fidget is made from 18g 5/32" stainless steel rings and 18g 3/16" black EPDM rubber rings. I made this one into a tube so that it would fit over the finger of a child or small adult. It's lighter than the large fidget, weighing in at .8 oz. Laying flat, it's about 1.75" x 1". Here are pictures of it:

Just thought I'd share. If you want to try one out, let me know. I want to see what people think and if there is a viable market for chainmaille fidgets.

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