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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weighted Blankets - my own twist on the design

So weighted blankets can be very good for kids with sensory disorders, especially those who like that deep pressure sensation, like my kid.

Since I make chain maille, I've had this idea tickling my head to make him a blanket out of stainless steel rings. The pattern I'm using is European 4 in1, which is an amazing feeling pattern. It actually feels good against the skin, and the 18g 3/16" rings I'm using will be just heavy enough to give him the weight he craves. It's not going to be a huge blanket, but I'd like to make it big enough for him to sleep under, with another blanket between him and the steel blanket, most likely.

I was reading today about weighted comforters and thought that instead of spending $150 to buy one, I could spend less and make him one! I might even put a red anodized aluminum inlay in it of his first initial. Not only would that add to the cool factor, it would also make the blanket a bit lighter if it's getting to be on the heavy side.

I'm in the process of ordering more rings for the blanket and for my business(es), so it will be a couple of weeks before I can get a good start on it. I'll go ahead and use up the rings I have, but there aren't many.

I'm kind of excited about this idea! Any comments are welcome on how you think this will work/not work.

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